Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Top billing at last - thanks to Beeb's Jim Naughtie

Thanks be to James Naughtie of BBC Radio 4 for his morning broadcast today on 'The Story of the King James Bible'.

The following passages were recorded in the Chapel at Hertford College Oxford - home to The Tyndale Society - in front of the famous Whitefriars window image of William Tyndale:

"Tyndale revolutionised English as a language. It is as big as that. He changed the way the English spoke and thought.

"It is extraordinary and one of the great mysteries of this story that a man in his late 20s, early 30s, in a garret on the continent, on the run, hunted by the establishment, eventually dying as a martyr for translation could do this.

"The whole story of The Bible in English is unthinkable without him."

To listen to the entire broadcast (available on BBC iPlayer for the next six days) click here.

(Note: Fast forward to 2.06 to skip the news broadcast at the beginning of the recording)

Thank you Radio 4!


  1. I listened this morning and was delighted by James Naughtie's recognition of William Tyndale. Very important and we need to keep up the pressure.

    D Surtees

  2. We listened intently too and on this occasion Mr Naughtie did not put a foot wrong!

    Regards and also many thanks for the Brenton download, an inspired move.

    Happy New Year


  3. This is wonderful news.

    Apparently Bob Dylan referred to the influence the AV has been on him yesterday too.

    SF - Friend of Merton Priory