Monday, 30 September 2013

William Tyndale comes to Columbia Tennessee‘tyndale’-oct-3-maury-county-library.html

Tyndale biographer David Teems discusses his book on WT at the Maury County library (TN).  Key quote:

"It was an outlawed book, a text so dangerous “it could only be countered by the most vicious burnings, of books and men and women.” But what book could incite such violence and bloodshed?
The year is 1526. It is the age of Henry VIII and his tragic Anne Boleyn, of Martin Luther and Thomas More. The times are treacherous. The Catholic Church controls almost every aspect of English life, including access to the very Word of God. And the church will do anything to keep it that way.
Enter William Tyndale, the gifted, courageous “heretic” who dared translate the Word of God into English. He worked in secret, in exile, in peril, always on the move. Neither England nor the English language would ever be the same again.
With thoughtful clarity and a reverence that comes through on every page, David Teems shares a story of intrigue and atrocity, betrayal and perseverance.This is how the Reformation officially reached English shores — and what it cost the men who brought it there.
For more information about the program, contact Adam Southern at the Maury County Library at (931) 375-6508."

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Brave men coldly slain -- remembering the life and achievements of Michael Servetus

TSJ Editor Neil Langdon Inglis is featured in issue 20 of trailblazing literary magazine "The International Literary Quarterly" -- read Neil's profile of Tyndale's Spanish contemporary Michael Servetus!  Further details at the above link and at The life of Servetus is regularly discussed in ILQ, and a major paper on the subject of MS's birthplace and multiple names is planned for TSJ 43, scheduled for later this year.  Watch this space!

Calling all Tyndalians around the globe!

I, Neil Inglis, editor of the Tyndale Society Journal (TSJ), have great news to share -- the latest bumper edition of the Journal (TSJ42) is winging its away, hot off the presses, to all four corners of the globe. It's packed with news and comment of vital import to all those who revere the memory and achievements of this brave and truly remarkable man! Please contact me at if you have any queries. Best wishes, Neil.