Sunday, 3 November 2013

New publishers for Reformation have special limited-time free-access offer!

From 15-29 November 2013 Maney Publishing is running ‘Free Access 14: Philosophy, Religion & Theology’ – free online access to all articles in all philosophy, religion and theology journals for 14 days. All those signed up to the Maney Philosophy, Religion & Theology mailing list will be given access to the content including special issues and archived volumes, as well as the latest 2013 research – that’s over 150 journal volumes, and thousands of articles! The 14 journals available in the offer include Reformation, Reformation & Renaissance Review and Medieval Mystical Theology amongst others. Anyone can register for free access to the journals, whether you’re a practitioner, researcher, clinician, librarian or student, and activation of the trial takes a matter of seconds! Sign up for access now: