Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Most Dangerous Man in Tudor England

Melvyn Bragg's acclaimed documentary on Tyndale, now up on youtube.  Bragg goes overboard where Henry VIII is concerned; yet Bragg's proficiency at presentation, his ability to construct a cogent and compelling narrative, and his keen eye for visuals will bring the WT story to vast new audiences. Thumbs up!

William Tyndale appears in the Daily Telegraph.

WT mentioned in DT article.

Tyndale Bible -- original-pronunciation recording of Matthew's Gospel's-Bible%3A-Saint-Matthew's-Gospel-(audio-CD)

Read in the original pronunciation by David Crystal. Sound clip available on this page (may take a while to load). *This recording is now available from the British Library's site.*

Tyndale Society titans featured in Bible documentary on youtube!

Watch out for appearances by David Daniell, Diarmaid MacCulloch, and Guido Latre in this fascinating documentary entitled "Battle for the Bible." Liev Schreiber provides his usual professional narration.  Execution sequences are a bit more graphic than you might expect...