Sunday, 8 April 2012

TSJ41 Out Now Online!

What a fantastic year it has been for William Tyndale and for The Tyndale Society! The 1611 King James Bible anniversary celebrations provided a wonderful platform for our Members and Friends to spread the word about Tyndale's life, works and far-reaching influence.

No more the forgotten hero of the Bible in English - Tyndale has reached back into our lives through press coverage, feature films, exhibitions, TV series, stage plays, books and even postage stamps!

In celebration of the enormous strides made in boosting public awareness of William Tyndale, and to promote knowledge of the vast array of activities in which our Members and Friends have played such a key part, the Tyndale Society has - for the first time - decided to publish the full text of the latest Tyndale Society Journal online.

To access TSJ41 online simply click on the player below for full-screen version.

We hope you enjoy our latest issue, and would welcome your feedback on our articles, reports, reviews and special offers.

Meanwhile, for any non-members who would like to find out about joining the Tyndale Society you can register for our mailing list here and view our FAQs and membership application forms on page 84-86 of the Journal.

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