Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tyndale's Happy Christmas in the Caymans

This Christmas, Bible translator William Tyndale gets set to spread glad tidings in the Cayman Islands as part of a brand new set of special postage stamps.

The new issue, released by the Cayman Islands Postal Service, commemorates the 400th Anniversary of the printing of the King James Bible.

The special five stamp set features a portrait of Tyndale, 'father of the English Bible,' as well as images of the KJB, King James I, the 1611 translators and the printers of the KJB.

For non-Cayman Islands dwellers, the special KJB and Tyndale stamps are available for online purchase by overseas collectors. However - be warned - the new stamp issue does not yet feature on the CIPS's website (watch this space for more details!)

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