Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tyndale meets Twisted Spire...

The Mayor and Mayoress of Chesterfield with Peter McEvoy, Secretary of the Chesterfield Christadelphians at the Bible exhibitionTyndale recently hit the headlines - and the streets - in Chesterfield - home of the famous 'crooked spire' to publicise an exhibition on the History of The Bible...

The 15th Century Scholar, who was martyred for translating the Bible into English, this time elected to spread the word face to face on a walkabout through the town, before welcoming The Mayor and Mayoress of Chesterfield at the exhibition.

The exhibition, put on in Eastwood Hall by the Chesterfield Cristadelphians, included ancient documents, showing how the Bible survived intact down the centuries to reach us today as well as archaeological exhibits which demonstrate the accuracy of many of the Bibles historical passages.

Mr McEvoy, Secretary of the Christadelphians (from behind Tyndale's beard) said "The exhibition was welcomed with great enthusiasm and interest by Christians in Chesterfield. We hope that it reminded people of its unique and remarkable history which we believe points to its unique status as the Word of God."

The Mayor looks at exhibitions at the Bible Exhibition

"Despite being rooted in history, we believe the Bible has a powerful and helpful message for people in the 21st Century too and we'd welcome the chance to share that with anyone who’s interested."

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