Monday, 14 March 2011

Message from Tyndale Society member Kaoru Yamazaki in Tokyo

I have experienced quakes but never on this level in my life.

It was a really scary experience! There are still lots of small aftershocks.

I feel as if I have travel sickness.

All train and subway services were stopped and it took a couple hours to get home by walking.

And mobile phones did not work at all, so it was a really long time before
finding out about my husband, Yuji, and other family members' safety.
But Thanks to God, we are all safe.

Today we went to Tesco to get bottled drinks and biscuits for emergency.
Nobody knows what is going to happen but I hope I don't have to eat these
foods and we can soon get back to a normal situation.

Just let you know that I am fine and in safety now.

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