Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Monastic Universe

Dear Tyndalians:

My wife and I are visiting the Holy Cross Monastery in West Park NY, one of the homes of the Anglican Benedectine Order in the United States.

The atmosphere of peace and quiet dedication, the timelessness of the Hudson River as it passes by, all foster an atmosphere of spiritual contemplation.

I feel very much at home here, and am planning the next issue of the Tyndale Society Journal (TSJ No.40).

Copy deadline for the this forthcoming issue will be 15th December 2010, so do email us prior to that date if you have article ideas or material such as letters, book reviews or event announcements which you would like to propose for inclusion.

It is our intention to bring William Tyndale into the digital age, so that new generations accustomed to the Internet as their primary information source will come across WT in the electronic universe--and will feel that same instinctive and overwhelming need (the need we have all experienced) to learn more about that great man's story.

This approach will complement traditional hard-copy publication and other communications media which we at the Society have always used to tell WT's story. Come and join us in this grand adventure.

Warmest wishes to you all,

Neil L. Inglis
Editor, TSJ

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